Platform for Jimmy Kaplowitz

I've served on the SPI board from February 2004 through July 2007, and again since February 2008. For all but the last year of my first stint on the board, I also served as Treasurer, starting the process of getting SPI's finances in order which Josh Berkus and Michael Schultheiss have continued. I've been good (though not perfect) regarding attendance and informed participation at SPI's meetings; I plan to continue that and will give the new board my mobile phone number to increase the ease of reaching me if I am AWOL.

During my time on the board, I have advocated transparency of the board to its membership, successfully proposing a resolution to make it explicit that the board should conduct all its communications in the most open way that is appropriate for the subject at hand. I plan to continue increasing the transparency of SPI, and will to that end implement a solution to automate meeting reminder emails. I may run for the position of Secretary for this purpose if elected to the board. In that case, I hope to resurrect the practice of emailing approved resolutions and meeting minutes to the spi-announce list as happened in the past.

Feel free to contact me with any further questions, either on the spi-general or spi-private lists, or privately at