Position statement for Bdale Garbee

I would be pleased to stand for re-election to the SPI board of directors for another term, and if elected am willing to be re-elected President if that should please the board.

Biographical information about me is available at many locations on the web, including http://www.gag.com/bdale/bio/bdale_bio.txt.

The total loss of my home to forest fire in Colorado in early June has temporarily drawn my attention away from many things including SPI, but now that we have secured an apartment to live in while our house is rebuilt, life is rapidly "returning to normal" and I do not expect there to be any future negative consequences for my involvement in SPI.

I have long considered the role SPI plays in the Free Software ecosystem vital, and am pleased to play a small role helping ensure SPI remains able to serve our associated projects faithfully and well. I'm proud of how SPI has grown in recent years, and look forward to tackling the challenges that will inevitably face us in the future.