Position statement for Martin Zobel-Helas

I am Martin Zobel-Helas (zobel on IRC), and I am running for re-election to the SPI Board of Directors.

I have been an SPI Director since August 2007. As board member of SPI I served as Secretary in 2009.

I am a quite active member of the Debian community. After I started with using Linux in late 1996, I started using Debian actively in 2003. I have been Debian Developer since August 2005 and contributing SPI member since March 2006.

I attended several Debian Developer conferences (DebConf5, DebConf9 and DebConf11). I started within Debian as team founder of the debian-volatile project, which is part of the main archive nowadays.

When the position of the Stable Release Manager became vacant, I became Debian Stable Release Manager together with Andreas Barth (who is a close friend of mine). A bit later I became Debian Release Team assistant and helped to release Debian Etch and Debian Squeeze. I helped to setup a alternative autobuilding network for the Debian project. Most of those machines and quite a good part of the code was integrated into the current autobuilding network.

Due to my paid job I am quite interested in anti spam techniques, which resulted in me joining the Debian Listmaster team in autumn 2006, where i am still active.

With the help of the Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt (man-da) I helped to setup hosting for the Debian Project at the University of Darmstadt. In August 2008 I was asked if I want to join the Debian Sysadmin Team. The most time I spent for the Debian Project is acting as Debian Sysadmin nowadays.

I was asked to join the Debian Webmaster team, after I helped to migrate a few Debian services to the new website layout. I also help out at the Debian Press Team from time to time, where time permits.

I use open source software (and quite a lot of those projects are SPI members nowadays) for my every-day work.

As paid job, I work as team leader for operation management at credativ Germany, an open source software consulting company.