Position statement for Dimitri John Ledkov

My name is Dimitri John Ledkov. I have been hobbyist OS engineer since 2007, and professionally since 2012. Predominantly, I am a Debian Developer, Ubuntu Core Developer and Clear Linux Project developer. And I have been involved in many open-source projects over the course of past eight plus years.

Other the past years I have been part of many committees. I have been a Student Union councillor, even a chair briefly; treasurer for an athletic union; president of a volleyball club; member of Ubuntu Developer Membership board. Thus I have a good working knowledge of organising and attending formal meetings, with agendas / meeting minutes etc.

I have extensive accounting experience. It is mainly focused on European cross-border accounting/tax laws, Latvian and UK internal. But a lot of core skills are transferable to US non-profit accounting. I used to develop OpenERP (now renamed to be called odoo, ancient name TinyERP) including migrating to/from alternative accounting systems, porting chart of accounts, generating custom/tax/balance/budgeting reports.

As an active member of open-source developer community, I value the work and services that SPI provide to its member projects. I would like to volunteer my personal time "to ensure that SPI continues to responsibly manage assets on behalf of the Debian Project and other associated member projects." I believe my open source, board/committees, and financial background are the ideal mix of skills from an SPI board director.