Position statement for Joerg Jaspert

Who I am: Joerg Jaspert (IRC nick is Ganneff on OFTC/Freenode)

Debian Developer since April 2002 and there I contribute(d) to various tasks:

  • Application Manager between 2002 and 2004
  • Account Manager since the end of 2004
  • FTP-Team member since 2005
  • Maintaining a number of packages
  • One of the organisers of DebConf, the annual Debian conference
  • Organized several smaller events, booth presences, etc for Debian, including merchandising stuff and CD/DVD images for it.
  • Contributing SPI member since May 2002, Board member and Vice President since 2007
  • Many other things.

I am the main SPI admin since 2006 and am a member of the NOC in the SPI project OFTC.

This will be my 4th term as a board member, should I be re-elected. I intend to run for Vice-President again, as such keeping the admin head position for another term. I want to continue my work to help SPI over the upcoming term, it especially needs a complete refresh of the "machine park" and setup SPI's infrastructure runs on, as well as helping some more people to learn/get into the role of SPI admin and hostmaster, making it less dependent on me.

For any open questions feel free to mail me at joerg@debian.org or use IRC.