Position statement for Joshua D. Drake

Name: Joshua D. Drake

Nick: linuxhiker



  • Active PostgreSQL Contributor
  • PostgreSQL SPI Liaison
  • President of Command Prompt, Inc., a long time PostgreSQL contributor


  • Contributing SPI Member since 2006
  • PostgreSQL SPI Liaison
  • Director

General Bits:

I have been an active contributor to the Open Source / Free Software world since 1997. This has taken many forms including but not limited to, founding Open Source non-profits (United States PostgreSQL), serving on SPI board, as well as being an active public speaker, writer and occasional (very occasional) patch submitter.

I am an avid outdoors person and enjoy backpacking, camping, hiking and bouldering. My current intellectual hobby is the feasibility of micro-housing and micro-neighborhoods to assist persistently homeless.

Professional bits:

  • President and Co-Founder Command Prompt, Inc.
  • Co-authored O'Reilly's Practical PostgreSQL

Why SPI Board?

I wrote this in 2007:

I would like to see SPI be more than a glorified PayPal. SPI has the potential to be an active and influencing source within the FOSS community. I would actively promote SPI as a way for FOSS projects to become a part of a larger community that is focused on the general well being of not only the project that has joined, but also that projects community.

I think we have largely succeeded in many ways but much more work needs to be done. If reelected my focus will be:

  • An aggressive increase in the number and quality of associate projects
  • Getting business items in order such as proper insurance and professional services.
  • Increasing services to our member projects and working more intimately with member projects to understand their needs better.
  • Increasing visibility to the general public and Open Source projects
  • Continuing to increase the availability of educational materials on Open Source and Free Software
  • Increase the number of contributing members and foster active relationships with those members