Position statement for Luca Filipozzi

I am Luca Filipozzi (luca on irc.oftc.net), and I am standing for election to the SPI board.

I have been an active contributor to the free/libre open source software community for many years. I have been a member of Debian since 2000 and I am one of the founders of OFTC. I host about 25% of Debian's infrastructure with my employer and am a member of the Debian System Administration team. I have sponsored OFTC infrastructure since the establishment of OFTC and served on its NOC. I have attended three Debian Conferences (Toronto CA, Heidelberg DE, and Cape Town ZA) and two DSA Sprints (Oslo NO and Essen DE).

I believe in the broad objectives of FLOSS and consider Software in the Public Interest to be an organization integral to their success. That said, there are some structural challenges with the operations of SPI that require amelioration from the perspective of member projects. Putting words into action, I offer my time/energy/ideas as an SPI director to assist.