Position statement for Peter Eisentraut

I am Peter Eisentraut, and I seek election to the Board of Directors of SPI.

I have been a contributor in the PostgreSQL project since 1999 and a Debian Developer since 2005. I am currently a member of the core team of the PostgreSQL project. In 2006, I had a small role in helping the PostgreSQL project join SPI. I work for 2ndQuadrant, a PostgreSQL consulting firm. I live with my family on the East Coast of the United States. Previously, I have lived in Germany, Finland, and Sweden.

My immediate interest is that SPI continues to serve both the Debian project and associated projects effectively.

My vote is for continuity with a fresh face. SPI has a valuable role in offering free and open-source projects financial and property management services. I see my role as a director as working to maintain the trust that projects have placed in SPI, to ensure accurate and compliant record keeping, and to make the SPI services available to member projects and members in a reliable and efficient manner. I endorse the work of the existing board and want to help continue it.