Position statement for Philip Balister

I'm Philip Balister, Crofton on IRC, and I am running for a seat on the Software in the Public Interest Board.

For the past ten years, I've been a contributor to the OpenEmbedded Project, an SPI affiliated project. Most of that time I have served as the chair of the OpenEmbedded board. Over the years, I've learned about issues important for supporting successful open source projects. During my time with OpenEmbedded the project grew from its hobbyist roots into the build system adopted by the Yocto Project. As the OpenEmbedded contact for SPI, I attend as many SPI board meetings as possible to stay in touch with SPI and understand the issues it faces.

My goals as a SPI board member would be represent all the affiliated projects at board meetings. I would like work on assisting all the member projects make better use of the services SPI provides. I believe my experience with OpenEmbedded will make me a valuable addition to the SPI board.