Position statement for Stephen Frost


I am Stephen Frost. You may know me as a Debian developer, but I am primarily involved with PostgreSQL today. I am recognized as a PostgreSQL Major Contributor and Committer. I am also the Committee Chair for PostgresOpen 2016 (and was for 2015 also), the longest running annual PostgreSQL conference in the US. Lastly, I am a member of the PostgreSQL Infrastructure team, responsible for maintaining all of the systems behind postgresql.org.

In my professional career, I am currently the Chief Technology Officer for Crunchy Data, a PostgreSQL support, services, training, and sponsored development organization formed entirely around and committed to Open Source and PostgreSQL. I have been involved in the Open Source community for over 15 years, starting with Debian in 2000 where I helped with iptables, OpenLDAP, ksymoops, and other packages and then becoming more and more involved with PostgreSQL, where I helped implement and commit the Role system, Column-Level privileges, PL/pgsql "foreach", and Row-Level Security. As a speaker, trainer, and occasional conference organizer at conferences around the world, including Campinas, Ottawa, Madrid, Dublin, Vienna, Chicago, New York City, Dallas, Washington DC, I have interacted with thousands of individuals interested and involved with Open Source and bring a broad understanding of both open source technology and the individuals behind it.

Software in the Public Interest is in a unique and well placed position to influence Open Source technology adoption, education, and understanding. As a member of the SPI board, I would be focused on:

  • Promoting Open Source
  • Ensuring all Associated Projects are supported as best as possible
  • Expand SPI by encouraging new open source projects to join
  • Maintaining the current by-laws
  • Participating in the daily workings of SPI.

I am excited to be a part of SPI and look forward to helping move SPI forward materially through involvement as a board member. I can add valuable and necessary skills to the board, thanks to the experience and knowledge which I bring.

My residence is in the Washington, DC, USA area, in the US/Eastern time zone, and I am generally available as 'Snow-Man' on Freenode and OFTC. Feel free to also reach me via the Slack Postgres channel as 'sfrost'.