This is the proposed agenda for the Annual meeting of July 1st, 2005, to be held at 19:00 UTC in #spi on irc.spi-inc.org.

  1. Opening
  2. Roll call
    1. Regrets received from Martin Schulze
  3. President's annual report (John Goerzen)
  4. Board membership and executive election
    • No board members terms have expired
    • No interim board members have been added
    • Board membership to select its executive officers - see below for declared candidates
  5. Items up for discussion:
    • This space available. Inquire at board@spi-inc.org.
  6. Next board meeting: Tuesday, July 26th, 2005 (John Goerzen)

Board Executive election candidates

  • President: John Goerzen
  • Vice President: Benj. Mako Hill
  • Treasurer: Jimmy Kaplowitz
  • Secretary: David Graham