This is the proposed agenda for the Board meeting of October 18th, 2005, to be held at 19:00 UTC in #spi on irc.spi-inc.org.

  1. Opening
  2. Roll call
    1. John Goerzen cannot attend; this meeting will be run by Benjamin Mako Hill
    2. Jimmy Kaplowitz expects to be late or unable to attend
  3. President's report (John Goerzen)
  4. Treasurer's report (Jimmy Kaplowitz)
  5. Outstanding minutes
    1. June 21st, 2005
    2. AGM: July 1st, 2005
    3. July 26th, 2005
    4. August 16th, 2005
    5. October 4th, 2005
  6. Items up for discussion:
    1. Tax filing and book keeping status (Jimmy)
    2. Debian Core Consortium related issues (Mako)
    3. OFTC election results (cdlu)
    4. Debian website copyright issues (Tommi Vainikainen) [see appendix]
  7. Next board meeting: Tuesday, November 15th, 2005 (John Goerzen)

Discussion appendix

Item 6.4:


I don't know if someone else has draw your attention to Debian's web
page license, which is currently non-free Open Publication License.

To change license to something that fits Debian's definition of free,
there is SPI's board's attention needed because SPI has copyright for
Debian's web pages even though no FSF style paperwork has been done.

I'm a bit unsure about how much SPI board cares about Debian
internals, but maybe you want to discuss about this?

This issue has been reported as a bug, please see: