This is the proposed agenda for the Annual Board meeting of Friday February 16th, 2007, to be held at 20:00 UTC in #spi on irc.spi-inc.org.

  1. Opening
  2. Roll call
    1. Apologies received from Martin "Joey" Schulze and Jimmy Kaplowitz
  3. President's report (Bdale Garbee)
  4. Treasurer's report (Josh Berkus)
  5. Secretary's report (Neil McGovern)
  6. Spanish Trademark report (Neil McGovern)
  7. Outstanding minutes
    1. October 4th, 2005 (log only)
    2. October 18th, 2005 (log only)
    3. November 15th, 2005 (log only)
    4. December 13th, 2005 (log only)
    5. January 16th, 2007 (Absent with regrets vote for Josh Berkus)
  8. Items up for discussion:
    1. Member communications amendment 2007-01-16.iwj.5
    2. Outstanding items requesting comment from the DPL - see discussion
    3. Report on opensource.org discussion
  9. Next board meeting - Friday March 16th, 2007

President's Report


Treasurer's Report

Account Balances
As of 2007-01-31
FirstIB Checking: $93,361.78
Key Bank Checking: $30,058.20
Ameriprise Financial (2006-12-31): $12,372.69

Banking Status
We have opened an account at Key Bank, which hopefully will suit our needs
better than FirstIB did.  After 90 days, if we are happy with Key Bank and
have cleared all checks from FirstIB, we will close the FirstIB account.

We should consider transferring the bulk of the Debian funds to the
investment account so they will earn interest if not being spent.

We have also opened an account with XETrade.   This will allow us to do
foreign-current wire transfers for between $10 and $25 and much faster
than via our bank.  XETrade services should be available by 2/16.

Data Entry Status
After several OSS options failed for bulk data entry, with the help of a
consultant we constructed an ad-hoc data entry interface for donations and
expenses in PHP+PostgreSQL on one of my development servers.  Current
status of data entry backlog is:
2006 Donations: 100% entered, 70% deposit dated, 30% checked, 0% reconciled
2007 Donations: 0% entered
2006 Expenses: 95% entered, 30% checked, 0% reconciled
2007 Expenses: entered to 2007-01-31

Income Report by received date and organization
2006 (Draft)
   designation   | expense  |  income  |   net
 Debian          | 41432.44 | 91816.15 | 50383.71
 Drupal          |          |  6650.00 |  6650.00
 Freedesktop.org |          |  1900.00 |  1900.00
 Gallery         |          |   395.76 |   395.76
 OVF             |     1500 |  1696.16 |   196.16
 PostgreSQL      | 19187.92 | 40207.37 | 21019.45
 SPI General     |  2655.08 |  3218.48 |   563.40
 %5 Commission   |          |  7396.79 |  7396.79
Totals:          | 64755.44 |153280.71 | 88525.27

January 2007 not yet available, but will be available in draft form by the
time of the board meeting.

Outstanding issues:
Still need detail on $29,000 sent to Mexico for DebConf6 and one $500
travel compensation, plus about $3000 in donations whose designation is
being reviewed.
There are some discrepancies between our and FirstIB's accounts totalling
about $900 which we are still resolving.

Once data entry is completed, I'll be discussing with financial officers
whether or not to move to LedgerSMB1.2 or to wait for 1.3 which will have
resolved a number of issues which make it currently cumbersome for us to

Other Notes
The treasurer again points out that SPI, particularly Debian, is
accumulating large amounts of cash.   This is not what 501(c)3s are
supposed to do; we should come up with some plans for spending it or put
it into an endowment.

Maybe it's time for a legal defense fund, or the E&O insurance we talked
about?  Or can I at least fund major work in accounting software?

Secretary's report

A request has been received from MJ Ray requesting clarification of who is
recognised to make decisions on behalf of Debian. This has been cc:ed to

Spanish Trademark report

The current PoA form is progressing a little slower than I first envisioned, which is due to myself misplacing a email from Greg asking some questions about the form. This has now been forwarded to Javier for clarification, and I hope to have affirmative action to report by next board meeting.

Discussion appendix

    4) Precise accounting of funds held for the benefit of the Debian
       project (my imprecise estimate is $0, split between -$50,000 for
       debconf, and +$50,000 for misc debian use, which will obviously
       only be useful when the HP money makes its way in)

    5) Is there any sort of online/electronic report of donations from
       Click & Pledge that can be made available?