This is the proposed agenda for the Annual Board meeting of Friday May 18th, 2007, to be held at 19:00 UTC in #spi on irc.spi-inc.org.

  1. Opening
  2. Roll call
    1. Regrets received from Michael Schultheiss
  3. President's report (Bdale Garbee)
  4. Treasurer's report (Josh Berkus)
  5. Secretary's report (Neil McGovern)
  6. Spanish Trademark report (Neil McGovern)
  7. Outstanding minutes
    1. October 4th, 2005 (log only)
    2. October 18th, 2005 (log only)
    3. November 15th, 2005 (log only)
    4. December 13th, 2005 (log only)
    5. April 20th, 2007
  8. Items up for discussion:
    1. Debian Logo Licence http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2007/02/msg00206.html
  9. Next board meeting - Friday 15th June, 2007 (or Friday 22nd June - DebConf)

President's Report


Treasurer's Report


Secretary's report

A mail from Giveline was received asking if we would be interested in their services.

Spanish Trademark report