This is the proposed agenda for the Board meeting of Wednesday, May 20th, 2009, to be held at 20:00 UTC in #spi on irc.spi-inc.org.

  1. Opening
  2. Roll call (Tentative regrets from Neil McGovern)
  3. President's report (Bdale Garbee)
  4. Treasurer's report (Michael Schultheiss)
  5. Secretary's report (Jimmy Kaplowitz)
  6. Outstanding minutes
    1. Neil's responsibility
      1. June 18th, 2008
      2. July 2nd, 2008 (annual meeting)
      3. August 20th, 2008
    2. Jimmy's responsibility
      1. March 18th, 2009 (fixing a typo in Julien Cristau's name)
      2. April 15th, 2009
  7. Items up for discussion:
    1. (none)
  8. Any other business
  9. Next board meeting - Wednesday, June 17th, 2009, 20:00 UTC

President's Report


Treasurer's Report

This report uses a cash-based method of accounting, recording donations
when deposited (not when the check was written or received by us) and
recording expenses when sent or scheduled for payment (not when

Income Statement
for the Period April 01, 2009 - April 30, 2009

   Ordinary Income
        Gallery                             20.00
        SPI 5%                               1.00

        Total Ordinary Income               21.00

   Interest Income
        Key Bank Money Mkt Savings          39.68

        Total Interest Income               39.68

   Gross Income                             60.68

  Ordinary Expenses

        Freedesktop.org (FD.o)
          ICC Membership Fee      250.00

          Total FD.o Exp          250.00

          Processing Fees           0.54
          SPI 5%                    1.00

          Total Gallery Exp         1.54

          PaySimple Monthly Fee    29.95
          Postage                   1.25
          SSL Certificate          79.00
          Transaction Fees         16.26

          Total SPI Exp           126.46

        Total Expenses            378.00

        Net Income               (317.32)

Balance Sheet as of April 30, 2009

     Current Assets
        Key Business Reward Checking                       6,472.91
        Key Business Signature Money Market Savings      193,128.42
        Ameriprise Cash Mgmt Acct                         13,389.51

     Total Current Assets                                212,990.84

   TOTAL ASSETS                                          212,990.84


     General and current liabilities                           0.00

        Reserves held in trust
           Debian Earmark                   129,466.93
           Drupal Earmark                     2,650.00
           Freedesktop.org Earmark            1,439.58
           Gallery Earmark                    5,839.90
           GNU TeXmacs Earmark                    9.70
           Madwifi.org Earmark                1,239.80
           OpenOffice.org Earmark             1,359.41
           Open Voting Foundation Earmark        65.42
           Plan 9 Earmark                     6,500.00
           PostgreSQL Earmark                30,208.82
           Tux4Kids Earmark                   1,865.05

        Total held in trust                              180,644.61

        General reserves                                  32,346.23

     Total Equity                                        212,990.84

   TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY                            212,990.84

Secretary's report

As a reminder, next year's annual Debian Conference, DebConf10, will be in the US for the first time (specifically NYC), and so SPI will be serving as the local legal entity. I am the lead of the DebConf10 local team. In my role as SPI Secretary, I provided a visa invitation letter to a Debian participant who wishes to attend and who will need a visa. This letter was drafted in consultation with me by a lawyer, Frank Bynum, with knowledge of visa, immigration, and border law who has agreed to help DebConf10 with these issues.

Substantially the same letter, as modified for each visa applicant's individual circumstances, is expected to be used for the rest of the DebConf10 visa invitation letters, without further mention in SPI secretary's reports unless specific circumstances warrant it. I can provide the letter template to the board and others upon request, but DebConf does not wish to make it public to reduce the risk of abuse by those wishing to involve DebConf in illegal immigration attempts. (This happens every year, not just for the US-based conference.)