Board meeting, November 5th, 2002


  • Branden Robinson
  • Manoj Srivastava
  • Martin "Joey" Schulze (presiding)
  • Wichert Akkerman


  • Ean Schuessler
  • Ian Jackson
  • Nils Lohner

Absent with regrets:

  • M. Drew Streib

Invitees present:

  • Peter Palfrader
  • Rene Engelhard


  1. Reports
  2. Approving past minutes
  3. Treasurer Report
  4. Progress report wrt. accounts and credit card
  5. eCos Membership
  6. FSG Membership proposal
  7. Tax writeoffs / OFTC
  8. Listing in United Way
  9. Accepting Sincere Choice
  10. Issues

Recorder: Martin "Joey" Schulze

This meeting was postponed by fifteen minutes in an effort to meet quorum, but after seven more minutes two board members disappeared, so Joey closed the meeting.