Board meeting, October 18th, 2005

Board members present

  • Benj. Mako Hill (mako) (Vice-President - presiding)
  • David Graham (cdlu) (Secretary)
  • Ian Jackson (IanJackson)
  • Bruce Perens (BrucePerens)
  • Bdale Garbee (bdale)
  • Branden Robinson (Overfiend)
  • Martin Schulze (Joey)

Board members absent with regrets

  • John Goerzen (CosmicRay) (President)
  • Jimmy Kaplowitz (Hydroxide) (Treasurer)

Registered guests present

  • Nils Lohner (CQ)
  • MJ Ray (slef)
  • Tommi Vainikainen (tvainika)

These are the draft minutes for the October 18th, 2005 SPI Board meeting, held in #spi on LOG

President's report

None presented.

Treasurer's report

The treasurer's report was sent after the meeting and is included in the appendix for historical purposes.

Outstanding minutes

None presented.

Debian Core Consortium issues

Branden Robinson states: "I would just like to say that I'd like Don to get Greg Pomerantz's opinion as to whether we are failing to act aggressively enough to defend our mark. That we have been in regular contact with DCCA and expressing our concerns would, I think, mean we are attentive to the mark. Is it actually necessary to threaten DCCA with a lawsuit for a typical court to regard us as "defending" it?"

Negotiator Don Armstrong indicates his primary task is done with DCCA having changed their name. He notes the remaining issues are: the logo and making some sort of announcement to clarify the relationship between the two organizations

OFTC election results

David Graham reports that the "status quo won a resounding victory". OFTC's voters voted unanimously in favour of a continued relationship with SPI and the administration is essentially the same as it was going into the vote.

Debian website copyright issues (Tommi Vainikainen)

An effort is underway to relicense the text of the Debian website which may require the cooperation of all those who have contributed text.

A debate ensues about what is needed but the discussion is ultimately referred to Debian to resolve.


The meeting is adjourned until November 15th at 19:00 UTC.

Appendix: treasurer's report

Software in the Public Interest Financial Data

This report uses a cash-based method of accounting,
recording donations when deposited (not when the check was
written or received by us) and recording expenses when sent
or scheduled for payment (not when incurred). Network for
Good processing fees are no longer listed, both to avoid
confusion and since they are already subtracted out from our
check before we ever receive it.

Profit/Loss September 1 2005 - September 30 2005

   Ordinary Income/Expense
          Debian                                   2,552.68
          GNU TeXmacs                                  9.70
          Unrestricted                               764.10
        Total Donations                            3,326.48

      Total Income                                 3,326.48

      Total Expense                                    0.00

   Net Ordinary Income                             3,326.48

   Net Income                                      3,326.48

Balance Sheet as of September 30, 2005

     Current Assets
        First IB Checking
          Known Debian Earmark (non-DebConf5)      3,814.83
          Known DebConf5 Earmark                  13,258.30
          Known GNOME Earmark                         20.00
          Known GNU TeXmacs Earmark                    9.70
          Known Unrestricted Earmark                 803.40
          Earmark to be Determined                12,258.78
        Total First IB Checking                   30,165.01

        AmEx Financial Advisors Acct
          Earmark to be Determined                40,110.03
        Total AmEx Financial Advisors Acct        40,110.03

     Total Current Assets                         70,275.04

   TOTAL ASSETS                                   70,275.04

        Retained Earnings                         66,948.56
        Net Income                                 3,326.48
     Total Equity                                 70,275.04

   TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY                     70,275.04