Board meeting, December 17th, 2008

Board members present

  • Bdale Garbee (bdale) (President)
  • Joerg Jaspert (Ganneff) (Vice President)
  • Michael Schultheiss (Treasurer)
  • Luk Claes (luk_)
  • Martin Zobel-Helas (zobel)
  • David Graham (cdlu)

Board members partially present

  • None

Board members absent with regrets

  • Jimmy Kaplowitz (Hydroxide) (Secretary)
  • Neil McGovern (Maulkin)

Board members absent

  • Joshua D. Drake (linuxpoet)

Board advisors present

  • None

Registered guests present

  • Not recorded

These are the draft minutes for the December 17th, 2008 SPI Board meeting, held at 20:00 UTC in #spi on LOG

President's Report

There was no President's report.

Treasurer's Report

Michael Schultheiss provided the following report.

This report uses a cash-based method of accounting, recording donations
when deposited (not when the check was written or received by us) and
recording expenses when sent or scheduled for payment (not when

Income Statement
for the Period November 01, 2008 - November 30, 2008

   Ordinary Income
        Debian                           6,741.03                     10.00
        Gallery                            160.00                         90.00                       5.26
        PostgreSQL                         850.26
        SPI General                        399.00
        SPI 5%                             140.31

        Total Ordinary Income            8,395.86

   Interest Income
        Key Bank Money Mkt Savings          98.54

        Total Interest Income               98.54

   Gross Income                          8,494.40

  Ordinary Expenses
          Processing Fees          17.57
          SPI 5%                   86.17

          Total Debian Exp        103.74
          Equipment             1,319.97
          Processing Fees           0.40
          SPI 5%                    0.48

          Total FDO Exp         1,320.85

          Processing Fees           4.84
          SPI 5%                    7.76

          Total Gallery Exp        12.60

          Transfer to GNOME Found  20.00

          Total GNOME Exp          20.00

          Processing Fees           3.60
          SPI 5%                    4.32

          Total Exp     7.92
          Processing Fees           0.21
          SPI 5%                    0.25

          Total Exp  0.46

          Processing Fees          23.79
          SPI 5%                   41.32
          Travel Reimbursement  1,873.20

          Total PostgreSQL Exp  1,938.31

          PaySimple Monthly Fee    29.95
          Office Supplies          20.32
          Postage                  18.70
          Transaction Fees         28.30

          Total SPI Exp            97.27

          Travel Reimbursement    474.95

          Total T4K Exp           474.95

        Total Expenses          3,976.10

        Net Income              4,518.30

Balance Sheet as of November 30, 2008

     Current Assets
        Key Business Reward Checking                      33,417.23
        Key Business Signature Money Market Savings       97,878.16
        Ameriprise Cash Mgmt Acct                         13,336.39

     Total Current Assets                                144,631.78

   TOTAL ASSETS                                          144,631.78


     General and current liabilities                           0.00

        Reserves held in trust
           Debian Earmark                    80,575.27
           Drupal Earmark                     2,650.00
  Earmark            1,666.83
           Gallery Earmark                    5,974.69
           GNU TeXmacs Earmark                    9.70
  Earmark                1,004.11
  Earmark             1,185.32
           Open Voting Foundation Earmark       392.67
           Plan 9 Earmark                     6,500.00
           PostgreSQL Earmark                11,919.46
           Tux4Kids Earmark                   3,325.05

        Total held in trust                              115,203.10

        General reserves                                  29,428.68

     Total Equity                                        144,631.78

   TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY                            144,631.78

Secretary's Report

Joerg Jaspert repeated the following report which Jimmy Kaplowitz had provided in the agenda.

I am in the process of arranging an online meeting for this upcoming weekend
(Dec 20th or 21st) including SPI site administrator Joerg Jaspert, website
volunteer MJ Ray, and me to discuss plans for moving forward with the website
overhaul. There should be more news on this front in time for the January
secretary's report.

Outstanding Minutes

David Graham moved to reapprove the October 15th, 2008 minutes, amended to note David Graham's presence in the attendance list. Bdale Garbee seconded the motion.

Vote on October 15th, 2008 minutes

Joerg JaspertAbstain
Bdale GarbeeYes
Michael SchultheissYes
Martin Zobel-HelasYes
Luk ClaesYes
David GrahamYes

Motion passed with a vote of Yes: 5, No: 0, Abstain: 1.

Joerg Jaspert moved to approve the November 19th, 2008 minutes. David Graham seconded the motion.

Vote on November 19th, 2008 minutes

Joerg JaspertYes
Bdale GarbeeYes
Michael SchultheissYes
Martin Zobel-HelasYes
Luk ClaesYes
David GrahamAbstain

Motion passed with a vote of Yes: 5, No: 0, Abstain: 1.

Items up for discussion

Resolution - Privoxy as associated project

Nobody on the board who was present at the meeting objected to voting on this resolution despite the late notice of its text, for which Bdale apologized.

Vote on Resolution - Privoxy as associated project

Joerg JaspertYes
Bdale GarbeeYes
Michael SchultheissYes
Martin Zobel-HelasYes
Luk ClaesYes
David GrahamYes

Motion passed with a vote of Yes: 6, No: 0, Abstain: 1.

Bdale said he would coordinate with Jimmy Kaplowitz regarding who will send the invitation to accept SPI's offer of associated project status to Privoxy.

Other Business

Joerg Jaspert announced that SPI now owns the domains for the Madwifi project. Martin Zobel-Helas offered to prepare the backlogged minutes from before Jimmy's term as Secretary. Michael Schultheiss stated that Tux4Kids is interested in obtaining some trademarks, and he offered to take the lead on discussing this with SPI's lawyers and keeping Tux4Kids updated on the status of this.


The meeting was adjourned until Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 at 20:00 UTC in #spi on

Appendix A: Current Board Membership

Last electedNameRole
July 2007Bdale GarbeePresident
July 2007Joerg JaspertVice President
July 2008Jimmy KaplowitzSecretary
July 2006Michael SchultheissTreasurer
July 2007Martin Zobel-Helas
July 2008David Graham
July 2007Luk Claes
July 2007Joshua D. Drake
July 2006Neil McGovern

Appendix B: Approved Resolutions

Resolution - Privoxy as associated project

SPI Resolution


 1. Privoxy is a significant Free Software project, delivering a non-caching
    HTTP proxy that is commonly used to increase a user's privacy level,
    to block ads, and to rewrite content for other purposes.

 2. The Privoxy developers would like SPI's support and assistance,
    including receiving and holding property (e.g., donations) on behalf
    of the project, dispersing donations to project members, legal
    advice and representation, holding assets such as the domain,
    and possibly other services to be decided later by the Privoxy developers.


 3. Privoxy is formally invited to become an SPI Associated Project,
    according to the SPI Framework for Associated Projects, SPI
    Resolution 1998-11-16.iwj.1-amended-2004-08-10.iwj.1, a copy of
    which can be found at

 4. Fabian Keil is recognised by SPI as the current authoritative decision
    maker for Privoxy.  This can be changed in the future by consensus vote
    of Hal Burgiss, Fabian Keil, and David Schmidt.

 5. This invitation will lapse, if not accepted, 60 days after it is
    approved by the SPI Board.