Board meeting, November 8th, 2012

Board members present

  • Michael Schultheiss (schultmc) (Treasurer)
  • Joerg Jaspert (Ganneff) (Vice President)
  • Jonathan McDowell (Noodles) (Secretary)
  • Clint Adams (Clint)
  • Robert Brockway (Solver)
  • Jimmy Kaplowitz (Hydroxide)
  • Martin Zobel-Helas (zobel)

Board members partially present

  • None

Board members absent with regrets

  • Bdale Garbee (bdale) (President)

Board members absent

  • Joshua D. Drake (linuxpoet)

Board advisors present

  • None

Registered guests present

  • Josh Berkus (jberkus)
  • Gregers Petersen (glp)

These are the minutes for the November 8th, 2012 SPI Board Meeting, held at 20:00 UTC in #spi on LOG.

President's Report

Bdale was not present and there was therefore no president's report.

Treasurer's report

This report uses a cash-based method of accounting, recording donations
when deposited (not when the check was written or received by us) and
recording expenses when sent or scheduled for payment (not when

Income Statement
for the Period October 01, 2012 - October 31, 2012

   Ordinary Income
        Arch Linux                       1,360.00
        Debian                           3,007.00
        FFmpeg                             160.00                    105.00
        Gallery                              5.00
        LibreOffice                      1,300.60
        OpenWrt                            192.00
        PostgreSQL                          20.00
        SPI General                     10,114.55
        SPI 5%                             305.23
        The HeliOS Project                  55.00

        Total Ordinary Income           16,624.38

   Interest Income
        Key Bank Money Mkt Savings           0.61
        Chase BusinessClassic Checking       0.29
        Chase Bus Select High Yield Savings 34.71

        Total Interest Income               35.61

   Gross Income                         16,659.99

  Ordinary Expenses

        Arch Linux
          Processing Fees            62.10
          SPI 5%                     68.00

          Total Arch Linux Exp      130.10

          Debit Card Fee              3.00
          Processing Fees           124.88
          SPI 5%                    145.35

          Total Debian Exp          273.23

          Trademark registration    275.00

          Total Drizzle Exp         275.00

          Processing Fees             7.80
          SPI 5%                      8.00

          Total FFmpeg Exp           15.80
          Processing Fees             4.90
          SPI 5%                      5.25

          Total fd.o Exp             10.15

          Processing Fees             0.46
          SPI 5%                      0.25

          Total Gallery Exp           0.71

          Hosting Fees               54.19

          Total Haskell Exp          54.19

          Processing Fees            53.42
          SPI 5%                     65.03

          Total LibreOffice Exp     118.45

          Processing Fees             8.30
          SPI 5%                      9.60

          Total OpenWrt Exp          17.90

          Processing Fees             1.33
          SPI 5%                      1.00
          Travel Reimbursement    2,919.00

          Total PostgreSQL Exp    2,921.33

          PaySimple Monthly Fee      29.95
          Transaction Fees          402.30

          Total SPI Exp             432.25

        The HeliOS Project
          Expense Reimbursement     179.17
          Processing Fees             3.25
          SPI 5%                      2.75

          Total HeliOS Exp          185.17

         Travel Fees                 13.99

         Total YafaRay               13.99

        Total Expenses            4,448.27

        Net Income               12,211.72

Balance Sheet as of October 31, 2012

     Current Assets
        Chase BusinessClassic Checking with Interest      39,683.38
        Chase Business Select High Yield Savings         153,830.95
        KeyBank Basic Business Checking                    2,000.00
        Key Business Reward Checking                      72,551.70
        Key Business Signature Money Market Savings       36,030.18
        Key Express Checking                               5,030.76
        Ameriprise Cash Mgmt Acct                         13,406.15
        Debian Debit Card                                    290.00

     Total Current Assets                                322,823.12

   TOTAL ASSETS                                          322,823.12


     General and current liabilities                           0.00

        Reserves held in trust
           aptosid Earmark                      100.33
           Arch Linux Earmark                 6,696.06
           Debian Earmark                    80,665.62
           DebConf 12 Earmark                25,715.15
           Drizzle                            1,092.30
           FFmpeg                               216.84
           Fluxbox                              995.00
  Earmark           21,337.46
           FreedomBox Foundation Earmark     20,114.44
           Gallery Earmark                    8,064.17
           GNU TeXmacs Earmark                  162.90
           Haskell Earmark                   12,521.45
           Jenkins Earmark                    6,763.59
           LibreOffice Earmark               40,601.89
  Earmark        1,494.90
           OpenVAS                               45.71
           OpenWrt                            1,022.94
           Open Voting Foundation Earmark       153.65
           OSUNIX                                 0.56
           Path64                                 9.31
           Plan 9 Earmark                     6,500.00
           PostgreSQL Earmark                24,177.28
           Privoxy Earmark                      572.50
           The HeliOS Project                   (32.42)
           Tux4Kids Earmark                   8,788.85
           YafaRay Code Sprint Earmark          769.14
           YafaRay Earmark                    7,220.67

        Total held in trust                              275,770.29

        General reserves                                  47,052.83

     Total Equity                                        322,823.12

   TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY                            322,823.12

Michael expressed a wish to publicly thank Google for their generous donation of $10,000 to the general SPI fund. Jimmy queried how we were currently accounting for payments fro Click&Pledge and PaySimple. Michael indicated that we were getting direct deposits from these payment provides nowadays, and that there was no longer a long delay due to a need to receive and process a paper check.

Secretary's report

Jonathan reported that he'd had confirmation we'd be receiving $335.30 from the Chase Giving program at some point.

Outstanding minutes

Vote on Meeting Minutes for 11th October 2012:

Clint AdamsYes
Robert BrockwayYes
Jimmy KaplowitzYes
Jonathan McDowellYes
Michael Schultheiss Yes
Martin Zobel-HelasYes
Joerg JaspertAbstain

Motion passed with a vote of 6 yes, 1 abstain, 0 missing.

Any other business

There was further discussion about obtaining the use of a bookkeeping service to help lighten the workload of the treasurer. It was suggested a New York based service may make sense as we are incorporated there, but Michael stated that the amount of NY specific work was minimal. Josh Berkus offered to contact the bookkeeper that PostgreSQL Experts use and see if they had the resources to help us out and how much that would cost.

Robert asked for confirmation that requests to the treasurer for reimbursement should be sent to the RT alias. It was agreed that this was the appropriate place.

Some discussion took place about accounting software. Currently Michael is mainly using spreadsheets. Josh indicated that the lead developer for LedgerSMB had expressed a willingness to help adapt it to SPI's needs. Martin suggested the use of Tryton.


The meeting was adjourned until Thursday, December 13th, 2012 at 20:00 UTC in #spi on

Appendix A: Current Board Membership

Last electedNameRole
July 2010Bdale GarbeePresident
July 2010Joerg JaspertVice President
July 2012Jonathan McDowellSecretary
July 2012Michael SchultheissTreasurer
July 2010Joshua D. Drake
July 2010Martin Zobel-Helas
July 2011Clint Adams
July 2011Robert Brockway
July 2011Jimmy Kaplowitz