Board meeting, September 10th, 2015

Board members present

  • Bdale Garbee (bdale) (President)
  • Joerg Jaspert (Ganneff) (Vice President)
  • Michael Schultheiss (schultmc) (Treasurer)
  • Martin Michlmayr (tbm) (Secretary)
  • Robert Brockway (Solver)
  • Dimitri John Ledkov (xnox)
  • Gregers Petersen (glp)

Board members partially present

  • None

Board members absent with regrets

  • None

Board members absent

  • Joshua D. Drake (linuxhiker)
  • Martin Zobel-Helas (zobel)

Board advisors present

  • None

Registered guests present

  • Bill Allombert (yp17)
  • Bradley M. Kuhn (bkuhn)
  • Jonathan McDowell (Noodles)

These are the minutes for the September 10th, 2015 SPI Board Meeting, held at 20:30 UTC in #spi on LOG.

President's Report

Bdale Garbee thanked Valessio Brito for the improved look of the SPI web site, implemented during DebConf! We had a good BOF too, and the video is available.

Treasurer's report

Michael Schultheiss has published the July treasurer's report and is working on the August report.

The 2015 NYS and Federal filings have been filed and accepted.

Michael is still working with the bookkeepers to get periodic reports from them. Michael will meet with Martin Michlmayr and Bradley M. Kuhn next week to discuss the bookkeeping process.

Secretary's report

Martin Michlmayr didn't have time to complete the August minutes. New officers should have been appointed in the August meeting but we forgot about it.

Outstanding minutes

No minutes were ready to be presented at this meeting.

Appointment of board officers

Vote on accepting the continuation of Bdale, Joerg, Michael and Martin as President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary for the following year:

Robert BrockwayYes
Bdale GarbeeYes
Joerg JaspertYes
Dimitri John LedkovYes
Martin MichlmayrYes
Gregers PetersenYes
Michael SchultheissYes

Motion passed with a vote of 7 yes, 0 missing.

Any other business

No one had any other items to discuss.


The meeting was adjourned until Thursday, October 8th, 2015 at 20:30 UTC in #spi on

Appendix A: Current Board Membership

Last electedNameRole
July 2013Bdale GarbeePresident
July 2013Joerg JaspertVice President
July 2014Martin MichlmayrSecretary
July 2015Michael SchultheissTreasurer
July 2013Joshua D. Drake
July 2013Martin Zobel-Helas
July 2014Robert Brockway
July 2014Gregers Petersen
July 2015Dimitri John Ledkov