SPI associated projects

We are proud to be able to list the following 39 free and open source projects as being associated with SPI.

0 A.D. ankur.org.in aptosid Arch Linux ArduPilot Chakra Debian
Drizzle FFmpeg Fluxbox freedesktop.org Gallery Glucosio GNUstep
GNU TeXmacs haskell.org Jenkins LibreOffice MinGW NTPsec OFTC
Open Bioinformatics Foundation Open MPI Open Voting Foundation OpenEmbedded OpenVAS OpenWrt OpenZFS
Performance Co-Pilot PostgreSQL Privoxy SproutCore Swathanthra Malayalam Computing systemd The Mana World
Torch Tux4Kids X.Org YafaRay

Free and open source projects interested in becoming SPI associated projects should read the following documents: